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Company wide program

“We see that our people find working from home very challenging. They feel pressure, have a hard time finding the right work/life balance”

Every organisation has its own set of written and unwritten rules on how to work together. With the drastic change of work setting, it was clearly needed to re-evaluate these work habits. Did they still fit with the situation people found themselves in? But also, how would work itself change in the future? 

&Connect Approach

We developed the Balance well-being programme that  aimed not to set new rules, but to kick-start an open discussion on new habits for working together between employees. Using townhall meetings, workshops and team sessions we introduced new concepts of working together and stimulated the discussion about this.

The Well-being programme was highly rated and valued by the employees and it has created a more open, explicit and learning culture or attitude towards finding a way forward in the towards a new way of working from home or in hybrid. The programme showed the value of an open dialogue on these topics would help the organisation to become future proof.

Our customers said

It was a chance to sit still reflect and connect with my colleagues. It is amazing to hear our shared passions, concerns, joys and hopes. I feel it was putting our organisational values to action in a very meaningful way.

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Lucas Schröder
Partner &Connect