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The boat

How can I learn and develop myself as an entrepreneur when I am the the one in charge or my organisation?”

In our network, we were increasingly asked by freelancers and entrepreneurs how they can develop themselves further. Who can they talk to? As an entrepreneur, it is difficult that you cannot turn to employees. As a freelancer you miss a partner or fellow insider.

&Connect approach

Based on conversations with entrepreneurs and freelancers, we found out what their value to each other could be. We looked for a location where they would feel free to talk more openly.


We took them sailing! They took turns to sail the boat, and in between we put them to work on each others’ pressing challenges.  Sailing ship to the mudflats under supervision. At different times of the day, we put the group of participants together to work on each other’s challenges through intervision.


Taking the participants out of their work context meant more room for reflection. Participants were able to look at their challenges with more distance and calm. Subsequently, the insights of the various participants provided a lot of inspiration for solutions to their problem.

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Lucas Schröder
Partner &Connect