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The box

How do I know what’s going on in the team if I don’t see them in person any more? How do get a conversation going on this with my team?”

When the coronavirus forced employees to work from home, the challenges for leaders and teams quickly became apparent. Working remotely needed new routines, while the personal situations could vary extremely from boredom and isolation to the feeling of being overwelmed. The informal contact at the coffee machine that helped connections run smoothly had disappeared. How could you keep your team aligned and connected in this challenging situation without the opportunity for a physical meetup? 

&Connect solution

With brand strategist Jesse Moerkerk and serious gaming experts “Ondernemende gasten” we developed the ‘I secretly–miss-the-office’ box. This box offered a simple but effective tool to help managers reconnect with their team on a personal level by sharing with each other what everybody misses when not in the office. It contained a set of questions, a game to talk to each other about everything that goes on behind the scenes. And, the possibility to grow your own office garden at home.

The result

We sent over 2000 boxes and supported more than 100 teams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TMF, Cargill and Nationale Nederlanden to connect with each other at a turbulent time.


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Lucas Schröder
Partner &Connect