About &Connect

&Connect is a management consultancy firm that facilitates and develops the dialogue within organizations and teams. We help out our customers in challenging times to increase mutual trust, create clarity, achieve conversations and increase their performance.

To discuss what is needed to move forward – it can be that simple, and at the same time that difficult.

We have a firm belief that the solution to many challenges can be found in the dialogue. It is a belief that is based on our years of experience in leadership roles, leadership- and team development in business and in professional sports (sailing).

A bundling of expertise in dialogue

&Connect combines the professional networks, talents and years of experience from Human Resources, professional sports – off-shore sailing – and organisational development.

It makes us an unusual combination. While our conviction about the importance of dialogue binds us, in practice our view and approach often differ. But we have a solid foundation of great mutual trust and the ability to keep in touch with each other. It helps us to use our differences as strength instead of our differences holding us back.

Marlies Knijnenberg

Marlies Knijnenberg

Partner & CHRO at HDI

20+ years experience in senior management and HR roles. Specialized in organizational-, talent- and leadership development. Executive (team) coach.

Lucas Schröder

Lucas Schröder


Energetic and fearless ocean sailor but also a seasoned team coach. Adventurer, decorated former professional off-shore sailor. 10+ years experience organizational and team performance development.

Originated in the eye of the storm

&Connect originated in the eye of the storm, in the heart of the Corona pandemic. We have laid the foundation for &Connect. Working remotely showed the importance of dialogue for the performance and well-being of teams and organisations. As a first aid for managers in this crisis, we have launched the “I-actually-miss-the-office” concept. It was a special collaboration with activation agency Ondernemende Gasten, brand strategist Jesse Moerkerk, team & leadership coach Marchien Kuik (www.marchienkuik.nl) and journalist/columnist Japke-d Bouma. In 3 months we reached more than 100 managers and 1000 employees and helped them to keep in touch with each other online. 

Our success brought us new clients, both in the Netherlands and abroad, asking for our expertise with team development and performance, leadership challenges, cultural change and organizational development.

Would you also like to know how we can improve the dialogue within your organization and what this can mean for your organisation? Then contact us!



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 Lucas Schröder
 Partner &Connect