Suddenly we were forced to stay at home, because of Corona. How do you deal with this as a manager, if you no longer see what is happening in your team?

Corona and mandatory working from home presented managers with a major challenge. How do you keep your team engaged and connected when your team is suddenly out of sight. The challenges at home can differ enormously per person: health problems, stress from dealing woth children at home or loneliness. How do you ensure that your team dares to talk openly about their situation? How do you get on the table what to expect from your team members and what they need?

The “secretly-miss-I-office” box for an open conversation and greater mutual trust at a distance

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In collaboration with activation agency “Ondernemende Gasten”, creative strategist Jesse Moerkerk and office publicist Japke d Bouma we developed and launched the “secretly-mis-I-office” box; a team game that directly contributed to greater openness, mutual understanding and trust.

We all secretly missed the office. We missed lunch, the informal conversation with colleagues over coffee and even the office garden. the box contained a plant for your office garden at home, a conversation game that provided candid dialogue and an online escape room for the fun element. In 2020, we brought together more than 100 teams and more than 1800 employees to discuss their personal challenges of working from home. The box wat sent to at  Cargill, IHC, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Municipality of Heerenveen and Eindhoven, the Nationale Nederlanden and many other organizations.

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