Running an organization in these times is complex. How do keep track of the well-being and challenges of your managers? How do you keep that connection good? And at the same time: how do you guide them as a team leader, but also as an individual?

Secure base leadership and team development in the mix

Emotional bank account

We designed a pragmatic online leadership program that inspired leadership in 4 steps with concepts about secure base leadership (Kohlrieser) and levels of team development (Lencioni). In small groups, we used these concepts to get answers about current leadership issues 

The program helped to connect leadership and seek each other out with active requests for help. Participants felt connected to each other and to the objectives that the organization has in mind. Individual leaders feel more mutual support.

Our customers said

“It was a chance to sit still reflect and connect with my colleagues. It is amazing to hear our shared passions, concerns, joys and hopes. I feel it was putting our organisational values to action in a very meaningful way.“

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