The team we met was performing well, with turnover increasing. But it also seemed a bit stuck. The manager saw the potential: “How do we move on to real performance where everyone is committed and where everyone also feels that something special is happening?”

Greater mutual trust drives engagement and energy

During the introductory meetings with the team it became clear; the performance of the team depends on individual talents and experience much less on real cooperation. Team members keep their cards close to their chest and are reluctant to cooperate. Matters that go wrong are not discussed openly with the team, which limits the ability to learn. The problem was though, everyone felt comfortable in this situation.

We organized two intensive discussions with the team at a beautiful outdoor location in the south of the Netherlands. These conversations gave more mutual understanding, openness and trust. The team itself was amazed with the renewed energy it gave them. The work and the future of the team were discussed with renewed energy and commitment. In the end, under our guidance, the team set up some strong shared goals.

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